Areas of Counseling;

Marital  & Family Issues
Divorce Recovery & Blended Families
Cooperative Parenting
Domestic Violence
Child & Teen  Issues
Conflict Management
Depression, Anxiety
Grief & Extreme Sickness Issues
Sexual Abuse & Issues: Pornography
Relationships, Codependency, Boundaries
Stress & Financial/Job  Loss
Personality testing & Finding your gifts/destiny
Referral Resources in Multiple Areas

Evaluations offered:
Anger Evaluations
Drug & Alcohol Evaluations (not for court or probation)
Clinical Evaluations
Consultations for 2nd Opinions

A CHOICE: Christian Marriage Counseling in Lawrenceville Ga

Dynamic Relationships
Marriage Enrichment
Marriage Retreats
Parenthood Pains
Stress Management
Sexuality Issues
Gifts Activate & Development
"Ask the Counselor"
Multiple topics call for list

Grief Groups
Parenting classes
Premarital Classes
Anger Management Classes
Anxiety Class/Group
Healthy Brain Coaching
Mentoring Classes

(770) 831-1799
New Beginnings Counseling Center is a Counseling Center for Individuals, Couples, Families and Groups to fly and soar.
REFERRALS:  Focus on the Family (James Dobson), Psychology Today, Prepare & Enrich Marriages, Church Angel, New Bridge Church  or Meadow Baptist
Church staff, Father's House, 1st United  Methodist, New Hope Methodist,  New Mercies, Victory World Church, Church at Hamiliton Mill, AOG/COG Church
Headquarters, Catholic churches, Jewish Master Guide and too many others to list here. We have recommendation letters from Pastors should you want to see
them.  Pastors and local groups have been trusting us for over 20 years now.  

AFFILIATIONS:  Nationally Certified Counselors, American Assn of Christian Counselors; Georgia Assn. of Christian Counselors; Licensed Professional
Counselors Assn. of Ga, American Counselors Assn., and International Assn of Christian Counseling Professionals.

Our normal fee is $75.00 per 50 minute session. We also have a sliding-scale fee  based on income which is an option for those struggling or out of work but
may change the counselor that you may see.  NBCC accepts check, cash and debit or credit cards as well as insurance (see below).  Fees are expected to be
paid on the day of service unless you arrange with your counselor otherwise.  When you are assigned a counselor, she will call you for the appointment time
and you can discuss with her the fees or any special areas of interest to you.

INSURANCE: Some of our counselors take insurance; please call the office to find out if the counselor you have chosen takes your insurance.  Insurances
accepted are mainly
Blue Cross; Blue Shield, Cigna, Coventry, and Aetna but others qualify as well.   Many of our counselors will see a client for the insurance
co-pay price of $30-50 per session
without even going through the hassle of insurance forms or the frustrations of others knowing your personal struggles.
You can avoid the hassles and  have the principles that you want shared in session. We can
always provide professional invoices which most insurances will
pay as a out of network provider even if not on our list.  Please call our office with your insurance questions or to Schedule an Appointment to talk with your
counselor about your options. We want your experiences here not to be agitating or money centered.

All sessions are confidential and our files are kept locked. We do abide by the HIPPA guidelines for disclosure of private health-care information and
American Counselors Assn. Code of Ethics as well as Pastoral Counselors Code of Ethics.  Both have high standards of integrity.

Most of our counselors do not wish to testify in court due to long hours waiting for court testimony to be heard.  A professional letter can be given for court
cases, given to your lawyer and placed into your records.  There is a professional fee charged for court appearances or long affidavits.  These fees must be
charged because counselors must choose wording carefully in their documentation or miss regularly scheduled clients due to changes or delays in court
schedules.The Court appearance fee is usually around $400 for a whole day.

This option is great for those that live outside the local area or have a lack of transportation that day. Please fill out the intake forms and return them via Email
or mail them back.  Phone sessions are same length as normal sessions with a long distance charges should they apply.  Your calls, letters or e-mails are
private and confidential. Any paperwork, handouts, or books can be mailed to you.  Family members and Moms with children like this option as well.  Call 770
831-1799 to get started.

We are centrally located close to the intersection of Sugarloaf Parkway and Old Norcross Rd, being only about a city block away from that intersection. We are
in a green roof office building at 1585 Old Norcross Rd in Suite 203.  We are located right on the Gwinnett Bus line #40 bus route.  We have ample and free
parking in our office complex.  

Eight 1 hour sessions of premarital includes the following topics: Communication and listening skills, conflict management, maturity for marriage, Love versus
Infatuation, main problems in marriage/statistics, pillars of good relationships, hindrances to intimacy & intimacy needs, male/female differences, temperament
tests & differences discussed, budget & financial issues, children & discipline, sexual issues, roles in marriage, influences of extended family & previous
relationships.  A list of items to be discussed before marriage, and building your mates self image are also included.  A certificate will be given upon completion
which will give you a discount on your marriage license for our county and others. We can usually tell you the areas that will be the greatest struggle for your
upcoming marriage so you are prepared.  Special rates are available or group rates for those wanting a group session with other couples.

For the Non-Christian, New Beginnings Counseling Center is a Professional Counseling Center in Lawrenceville. We have worked with many people who do
not want a Christian/Spiritual slant and would prefer that we not share those areas. Hindus, Muslims, Atheists,  as well as other belief systems have come and
derived benefit finding what changes need to  happen for a better life. We will then work with those clients on what is healthy and balanced for life and increase
their knowledge with understanding.  Tell your counselor at the beginning that you are not wanting any religious/spiritual slant.  We do Cognitive Behavior
Therapy (CBT at NBCC).

For the Christian, New Beginnings is a Christian Counseling Center in Lawrenceville Ga.   We work with all denominations and belief systems. We work with
people where they believe in doctrine and are not dogmatic or pushy, desiring to see the body of Christ growing and developing in their local church. We give
scriptures for your interpretation, we work with local pastors rather than against them and we do not proselyte clients into our individual home churches or
beliefs systems.  Prayer is allowed in sessions and scriptures can be used for encouragement.  Should you, your spouse or your pastor have questions,
he/she can contact our director who will gladly share how we use spiritual insights.  Many of our daily choices are affected by what we believe.  

To get started you can print off the intake forms... click on the links.   Non-Christian Intake Form     or      Christian Intake Form
New Beginnings Counseling Center 1585 Old Norcross Rd. Suite 203 Lawrenceville, GA 30046