Keeping Power:
Why did God call himself your keeper? How does God keep or
preserve godly people in the midst of evil situations? "Keeping
from" and "keeping to;" what does this mean? A new insight to the
power of God that holds our universe together even today.  $3.00
plus $2.00 Shipping.
Betrayed in the Church
Deception, rebellion, counterfeit gifts, false spirituality,personal
agendas, dangerous triangles of people; religion looking but not
like Jesus. What do we do when we are hurt and how do we stop it!
What motivates people to leave the church never to return? Let’s
take a look at the Old and New Testament with their betrayals and
insights for today. Appendix includes prayers for those victimized
and how to tell is your church is one ripe for betrayal. $15.00 plus
$5.00 shipping.
Life & Death Issues:
Should we only pray for people to live? How do you pray for
someone to die? What do you say to help the family? What is the
real meaning of death anyway? What about death wishes? How do
you break them and stop the depression and hopelessness that is
felt before or after a death? This is a scripture referenced
handbook for ministers and counselors, or anyone with questions
about life and death issues. $10.00 plus $5.00 shipping.
Godly Sorrow
A small book on the power of biblical sorrow to bring you out of
your sin. Why was Paul so adamant to see godly sorrow do it’s
work in the church rather than the sorrow of the world?  
Sometimes grief devastates but godly sorrow can heal and
release.  Purify yourselves, but how?
$3.00 plus $2.00 shipping.
Anger the Feared Response:
A small concise book including how to find the triggers of anger,
and learn to release the anger that you feel. Anger can be just
as addictive as drugs and alcohol. Road rage, rageholics and
patterns in relationships that need to be changed.  Biblical
insight and directives are given to dismantle your anger and to
assure the victory.  $3.00 plus $1.00 Shipping.
$50.00 7 CD's
including notebook
plus $5.00 Shipping.
Place of Prayer
A study manual on prayer discussing the different types and
principles of prayer: how to work the principles, confusion in types
of prayer needed, hindrances to the Early Church, and What
principles do we work against ourselves? The appendix contains
powerful examples of prayers for different situations, including;
How to pray for your pastor, unsaved loved ones, guarding a
added to this manual.  $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping.
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