New Beginnings Ministries 623 Mill Run Place Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Types of Missions We Do:
Medical, Dental, Eyeglass Clinics
Orphanages & Schools, Slum
Outreaches, Evangelism, Bible Colleges,
Teaching, Leadership Training of
Churches, Construction Assistance

We like to go where there is no hope.

Areas of Travel:
Africa, Jamaica, India, Peru, Honduras
Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador
other nations by invitation
Current Mission Trips:  See Events

2014 Trips:

Apr 12-19 San Pedro Sula,Honduras

Jun 7-14 Tegucigalpa,Honduras  

Jul 19-26 La Ceiba, Honduras

Aug 25-Sep 16 Kenya

Oct 11-Oct 18 Antigua, Guatemala

Late 2014 early 2015 Vijayawada, India

Sister Marcia,Missionary/RN  helps to
feed children in an school in the Kibera
slums of Nairobi Kenya.
Through her life and ministry I heard the
voice of God call me into nursing. The
equipping of my hands began months
later becoming an LPN 1 year later and
then RN. I now am helping others daily
Mark Jordan, Nurse

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Professionals Needed:
Doctors, Nurses, Dentists,
Hygienists, Optical Professionals,
Pharmacists, Paramedics; EMTs,
Med. Techs, Nursing Assistants,
Students, interns in  Healthcare fields
Anyone in Health care  or  Health care

We are Looking for those who want to
enjoy a new place and yet leave a piece of
themselves behind…...leave a
We broaden horizons and
learn from each other whether national or
Without those who volunteer to share their healing gifts overseas the people in slum areas would not have
any Health care. The average lifespan for a child in slums where we go is 29 years old due to AIDS and   
other severe diseases like malaria, typhoid, and cholera. No one eats unless Mom or Dad find a job for  
the day so that they can buy something to feed the Kids. They make $1 per day when they do work  While
they are gone looking for work roaming bands of drunken thugs steal and abuse the children.  Little ones
may be left all day without supervision and at the mercy of anyone.  They call themselves the throw away
people of the world because no one cares if they live or die..... but we do!  We want to make a difference.
Help us!.Many of the dentists have to pull teeth because they do not have toothbrushes or toothpaste to
keep the teeth healthy and teeth cleaning is just unheard of there. We provide reading glasses for the
elderly, some of whom have not been able to read scripture in over 20 years because of having no money
to buy a simple pair of reading glasses. They cry when we give them back that pleasure. They are so